Roulhac Sears Burnett Fund

PBPS President, Chris Roulhac. has set up the Roulhac Sears Burnett Fund in December 2012. The endowment’s express purpose is to provide musicians from all music genres an honorarium for playing music and providing entertainment to patients in nursing homes and adult daycare centers. The endowment is named in memory of Chris’s parents, William and Stella Roulhac, and in memory of local musician, Ray Burnett. It is also named in honor of Chris’s son, Will Sears.

Chris, her mother, and son played music in nursing homes and adult daycare centers for many years. Additionally, Ray Burnett played music in nursing homes for many years himself until his death in early 2012. They saw the joy and happiness they brought to the residents. With Chris’ connection to the music community, she saw an opportunity to both share the joy of music with the healing, infirmed and elderly, while also supplying a stipend to local musicians.

Your donation will be used to compensate musicians for their time and travel to entertain individuals in nursing homes and adult daycare environments. We thank you very much for your support!