Our Sponsors

From our love of music and our belief that music is best shared in a community, came the founding of the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society in 1985. Our non-profit organization works to cultivate and preserve the tradition of blues music and to educate our children of it’s historical significance. Our mission is to help the youth of our community discover the wonder and joy of music by raising awareness and providing music education to our community and schools.

Our social and charity projects consist of Blues in the SchoolsShare the MusicPBPS Blues Challenges, Memphis or Bust, Carolina Blues Festival and social events for our members and the community. We collaborate with other non-profits in support of health-related issues, educational initiatives, and societal concerns. Our focus is to promote local businesses, tourism, education, the arts, and to make Guilford County a great place to live.

We can only do this with your help. Become a member, sponsor, or contributor, your tax-deductible donation can do a lot to help us with our mission. Like our friends below, individuals and corporate sponsors are helping to achieve our goals  of having an outstanding 28th Annual Carolina Blues Festival Presented by YES! Weekly and help with our other endeavors. We appreciate your support.

To become a sponsor or to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship, please check our Corporate and Individual sponsorship pages.  We thank all of our Sponsors. We appreciate your support!

Please check the sidebars and footers on all our pages to see our Current Sponsors!  THANK YOU!!