Piedmont Blues Preservation Society

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Note from El Presidente:

What a wild ride! I’d like to thank you for your support and wish everyone the best as our country and our communities navigate a pandemic during an election year. It has also been a time of heightened social tension due to the murder of George Floyd. No point in avoiding what’s on everyone’s mind anyway. That’s how we got the Blues to begin with.

It’s nice to speak to you all directly. I’ve been head down trudging ahead on a mission to engage, enrich, and empower our organization. Our board has been very busy and we are looking forward to sharing all the great work we’ve been doing. A lot of reorganizing has happened at the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society not the least of which is this updated format for our digital newsletter & our new Spotify Playlists!

We began by investigating our history and recommitted to our mission. We’ve reviewed our legacy, our intentions and our outcomes. This work was fruitful; yielding connections with former board members and voliunteers have unearthed milestones  from our multiple generations of activity. Hidden gems, like Fruteland Jackson teaching his one millionth child in Greensboro, NC during a PBPS program, would prove to yield enormous fruit! We have curated and groomed; now we are prepared for a great harvest.

As a 100% volunteer run organization, our donations go to operations and then directly into programs. We currently don’t have salaries to pay and we never have. We are funded by grants, sponsors and mostly by you. Your memberships, sponsorships, and donations do the heavy lifting at PBPS. We don’t mind earning them! We throw great events for you and work hard to provide great experiences and services to the community that are often free to participants.

I’m really excited about our next steps and their depths. We’ve got a great opportunity here. Thank you for coming along for the ride. The Piedmont Blues Preservation has a beautiful Blues future being shaped by the model of Servant Leadership.

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