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– Market Vendor Guidelines –

Piedmont Blues Preservation Society (PBPS) holds several events throughout the year that need quality Crafters, Makers and Artists selling handcrafted items. All vendors must comply with the guidelines as stated below.  

We do not accept Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Sales vendors (no Paparazzi, Herbalife, dōTERRA, etc.). 

VENDOR SPACE SIZE:  Vendor Space allows for 10 ft x 10 ft pop-up tents. No camping tents, or tarps as canopies allowed. Vendors will be spaced at least 5 ft from neighboring Vendors.

TABLES/TENTS/CHAIRS:  Vendors are responsible for supplying their own tents, tables, chairs and displays. Vendors must also ensure that their tents are secured in case of wind; LeBauer Park and Center City Park do not allow staking, so Vendors must bring weights to hold tents in place. The Renaissance Shops vendor area does allow for staking. All tents must be properly weighted or staked, per location. Per Greensboro Fire Department, tents must be anchored to the ground with a 40 lb weight PER LEG. Greensboro Fire Marshals will be inspecting tents prior to start of each event.

ELECTRICITY:  Electricity is available for LeBauer Park and Center City Events. Electricity is not available for Renaissance Shops events. Vendors who sign up and pay for a spot with electricity must make sure to supply their own 100 ft extension cords and power strips. You’ll be provided enough electricity for lighting, POS systems, phone charging station, etc. – contact us for anything pulling higher electrical loads.

LOAD-IN:  Vendor load-in time will be sent provided per event. Any Vendor arriving later than 30 minutes before the event start time may not be permitted to set up, and again, will not be issued a refund. We highly recommend bringing a dolly, hand truck or utility wagon. ALL Vendors with tents MUST be ready for Greensboro Fire Marshal inspection on the day of the event. 

VENDING SPACE CLEAN-UP:  Vendors are responsible for keeping a clean booth area, free of debris. Space should be left clean when you break down.

LOAD-OUT:  Vendor breakdown begins PROMPTLY at event end. For the safety of the event’s attendees, vehicles are not allowed to move onto or within the site during operating hours or until after attendees depart. We highly recommend bringing a dolly, hand truck or utility wagon to transport items to your vehicle. 

FOOD & DRINK:  Market Vendors may NOT sell drinks or food (bottled sauces, honey, preserves, etc. may be accepted). We allow drink sales thru approved food vendors only. No Vendors are allowed to sell alcohol.

SPACE ASSIGNMENT:  Event space assignments are at the sole discretion of the PBPS. All event assignments are final. The PBPS reserves the right to make final determination of all event space assignments in the best interests of the event. The PBPS reserves the right to make modifications to the event layout plans.

CHARACTER OF EXHIBITS:  The PBPS reserves the right to prohibit the display of any article that, in the opinion of PBPS, is not in keeping with the nature and character of the event. The PBPS reserves the right to restrict any exhibit because of noise, method of operation, or materials, or any exhibit which in the opinion of the PBPS may detract from the general character of the event as a whole. All demonstrations or promotional activities MUST be confined to the limits of the Vendor’s rented event space. Demonstrations or activities that cause annoyance to neighboring Vendors, such as flashing lights or noise, or result in obstruction of walk space, or prevent ready access to a nearby booth will not be allowed. All tents placed must be weighted, not staked.

ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLETTING OF EVENT SPACE:  Vendors shall NOT assign, sublet, or share the event space allotted without the knowledge and written consent of the PBPS. No products, arts, accessories, souvenirs, catalogs, or other goods bearing the name(s) of any other Vendor(s), Sponsor(s), or anyone other than the Vendor may be displayed. Any firm or organization that is not assigned event space will not be permitted to solicit business within the event area. Booth spaces will be pre-assigned based upon booth type. We try our best to spread out Vendors selling similar items. Vendors will not be allowed to switch spaces on the day of the event.

TAXES:  Piedmont Blues Preservation Society and Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc. are non-profits and do not pay taxes on anything Vendors sell, and this is, therefore, the responsibility of all Vendors. 

CASH SALES:  Vendors should furnish sufficient change for their sales transactions. We cannot provide change to Vendors. An ATM will be available on site, however, we highly recommend having a method of electronic payment so you don’t miss out on sales.

LIABILITY AND INSURANCE:  Vendors assume all rights and responsibilities for the conduct of their operations, including but not limited to: obtaining liability and general coverage insurance for Vendor-related activities adhering to all local and state ordinances and regulations. Neither the PBPS, nor the agents, officers nor volunteers or employees of the PBPS will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Vendor or the employees or property of the Vendor from any cause whatsoever. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to protect machinery or exhibits so that no injury will result to the public, visitors, guest, or persons on the property. All property of the Vendor is understood to remain in the Vendor’s care, custody, and control in transit to, from or within the confines of the event area subject to the rules and regulations. The Vendor, on signing this contract, expressly releases, holds, keeps, and saves harmless and indemnifies the forgoing named organizations and committees and individuals from all claims for such loss, damage or injury. The Vendor is encouraged to carry insurance to cover any of the above.

SECURITY:  The PBPS will provide reasonable security for the event. The PBPS shall take reasonable care to see that exhibits are not destroyed or damaged through any cause within its control, but does not ensure the safety of exhibits and is required to use only such care as would a reasonable and prudent business person in the protection of their own property.

REFUNDS/FORCE MAJEURE:  In case of cancellation of the event or unavailability of the event space for the specified use due to war, governmental action or order, acts of God, fire, or any other causes beyond PBPS’s control, this agreement shall terminate, and the Vendor shall be entitled to the return of the rental fees for the event space. In case of cancellation by the PBPS for any reason within the control of the PBPS or a change in the date or the location of the event, which is unsatisfactory to the Vendor the Vendor shall be entitled to a return of all sums paid for the event space. Refund of rental fees, as provided for in this section, shall be the exclusive remedy of the Vendor against the PBPS, in case of cancellation or rescheduled or if the event space is unavailable for use. In case of damage to the Vendor’s property due to war, governmental action or order, acts of God, fire, strikes, labor disputes, or any other causes beyond the control of the PBPS, the Vendor expressly waives liability of the PBPS from all claims for the damage and agrees that the PBPS shall have no obligation except for the above stated refund. 

RAIN OR SHINE:  This is an outdoor event. This event is rain or shine. No rain date.


Vendors must comply with all federal, state, and local health and fire regulations. The Parks disclaim any authority of control over the operation of Vendors. Vendors who fail to comply with or repeatedly violate these guidelines may be expelled and/or not invited to apply in future years. The PBPS reserves the right to amend these guidelines as needed. 

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