Piedmont Blues Preservation Society

Share the Music is a perfect extension to the community outreach and education program we’ve been doing for many years, Blues in the Schools.  Both programs work hand-in-hand to provide a more holistic approach to our youth education programs and to our less affluent youth.

Share the Music is an effort to bring music/musicians to less fortunate and troubled youth in an effort to show them both the joy of and dedication to music. Learning music has been shown to develop discipline, help the brain function in other areas of study (including math and science) and provide a wholesome outlet to keep children out of trouble.  We provide a variety of music programs to demonstrate music and involve the students in activities like drumming or playing guitar.  We would ultimately like to acquire and reissue instruments into the hands of young these deserving people who do not otherwise have the resources. We achieve this goal through instrument drives and other fund-raising events.

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